Eric Wilson

 Raised in a Seventh-day Adventist Christian home, Eric Wilson began training in the martial arts at the age of fourteen, just after his parents’ separation and divorce. Searching for purpose and meaning in his life, and struggling to understand the storm which had destroyed his family and his home, Eric began the journey on a path which promised confidence, assurance, and control. Over the next 24 years of training, Eric received black belt and instructor certification in seven styles of the combative arts; and was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Through the years involved in these Eastern mystical arts, he had become blind to the forces which had set themselves to destroy both he and his family. In 2003 his marriage crumbled and fell apart. But praise be to our Mighty God! After nearly five years of separation and divorce, the LORD in His great love and mercy began to open Eric’s blinded eyes, and to turn him from darkness to Light. Through the unfailing promises of His Word, the LORD reunited Eric and his wife in their love for one another and His covenant of marriage, restoring both their family and their home. In 2008, as Eric was reading aloud the promises of God’s Word, he heard our Savior's voice, saying, “Go and tell what great things the LORD hath done for you!” It was that day that Isaiah Ministries was born. And since that moment in time, it has been his greatest desire to share the glad tidings of the salvation, freedom, deliverance, healing and restoration, which has been wrought in Christ.             

Northwest Convocation


From Portland Oregon: Head South on I-205. Take Exit 10 for OR-Hwy 213 S for Molalla. Stay on Hwy 213 for 12.8 miles and turn left onto S Union Mills Rd. Continue on Union Mills Rd for 6.3 miles. Camp Adams will be on your left.  

From Salem Oregon: Head North on I-5. Take exit 271 onto OR-214 Newburg Hwy toward Woodburn. Stay onHwy 214 for 18.7 miles. Turn right onto OR-Hwy 211, Woodburn Estacada Hwy for 2.4 miles. Camp Adams will be on your left. 

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​​​Pastor Stephen Bohr 

Dwight Hall

2016 Special Speakers

 Special Speakers

 Dwight Hall 

Dwight Hall has always possessed a desire to succeed. He wanted to achieve his dreams no matter the cost.

Many thought Dwight had achieved the “American Dream” when he successfully run a multimillion-dollar company with his beautiful wife Deb, his Dad, Uncle, and brothers in Michigan. He had three beautiful children, and a lovely home.  But though he had the money and alcohol helped to soothe his nerves, he found something was still missing.

Finding Purpose. His heart ached for life’s deeper meaning. Realizing this desperate spiritual need, and wanting something more, he finally fell to his knees to search out God. . . and found himself inviting Jesus into his heart.  

Consequently, in 1985 he sold his business, turned down lucrative job offers, and an extravagant lifestyle to fulfill the purpose God had for his life—namely, to employ his entrepreneurial skills to share the Gospel of truth through the printed page. Thus begun Remnant Publication, a ministry dedicated to reaching the world, one book at a time.

By God’s grace Remnant Publications has been involved with numerous soul-winning projects over the last 27 years.

These projects include:

  • selling 1.5 million books through Walmart
  • shipping nearly one million Bibles to 19 different countries worldwide (including Communist Cuba)
  • working with Thomas Nelson to produce the Remnant Study Bible and the Young Scholar Study Bible
  • Bible Alive, a weekly Television program
  • Many smaller publishing projects

In his “spare time,” Dwight travels the world speaking to others about his transformation from a drifting, lost soul to his life’s purpose of leading souls to Christ. You can read about Dwight’s story in his books, Learning to Walk with God and Special Forces for a Special People.


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Jim Burr Astronomer

September 6th – 10th, 2017

Eric Wilson


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